UC Staging developed as a natural addition to Urban Country’s design + retail business.  Whether you are considering staging an apartment, model, condominium, or home in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, Middleburg or Bethany Beach—UC Staging dramatically enhances the ability to sell a property in the shortest amount of time... and for the highest price possible. 

Strategic placement of furnishing throughout the most critical living spaces draw potential buyers into the space + envision themselves living there.  Both furniture + accessories are carefully selected to emphasize the most positive elements of each room, while attention is also given to minimize any inherent imperfections that could prevent potential buyers from seriously considering an attractive home.  Staging also provides them with the most effective use of the space.  If a home is currently occupied or partially furnished, our goal is to depersonalize + neutralize the space for universal appeal.  Creating a warm + inviting home is our paramount goal.  With our signature quality furnishing, design ability + experience, UC Staging has proven itself a savvy investment yielding a high rate of return.  Please contact us for more information.